Our Chips

Our chips didn't always start out as delicious looking as the one above. In fact, we experimented with a lot of our very own kelp chip recipes when we first started out! We tried many different techniques from baking the kelp to frying the kelp - quickly realizing we needed some help from an expert. Kelpy decided to partner with a local chef in Bethlehem, Will Rufe, and our chips have never been better!

We are currently making four different flavors: Sea Salt, Korean Chili & Lime, Moroccan Spice and By the Bay. Each one has a unique set of flavorings that compliment the base flavor of kelp. 

Sea Salt 

Sea Salt is one of our most popular flavors! Adding sea salt to this chip brings out the natural flavoring of the kelp. Try it out today!

Korean Chili & Lime

Korean Chili & Lime is one of our original flavor concepts! Lime is one of the greatest compliments to kelp's natural flavor. Pairing this with some Korean Chili spices makes this one of our teams favorite flavors!

Moroccan Spice 

Moroccan Spice is a delicious spice combination that goes great with kelp.  Moroccan cuisine is influenced by Morocco's interactions and exchanges with other cultures and nations over the centuries. The spices compliment seafood quite nicely and inherently kelp! 

By the Bay

By the Bay is our play on Old Bay Spice! By the Bay has a decadent blend of spices and delicious kelp. Try it out...By the Bay!